Someone has to draw the line

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 Character: Angelus Character: Faith (Evil) Character: Mayor Wilkins Character: Phantom Dennis Episode: (Angel 1.05) Rm w/a Vu Episode: (Angel 3.11) Birthday Episode: (Buffy 3.06) Band Candy Episode: (Buffy 3.09) The Wish Episode: (Buffy 3.11) Gingerbread Episode: (Buffy 3.14) Bad Girls Episode: (Buffy 3.18) Earshot Episode: (Buffy 4.10) Hush Episode: (Buffy 6.17) Normal Again Episode: (Buffy 6.21) Two to Go (6.22) Grave Misc: (Buffy) Faith's Knife Quote: Becoming Quote: Passion Relationship: Buffy and Faith Relationship: Dawn and Tara Season: (Buffy) 6 Song: I've Got A Theory

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